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High-Quality General Dentistry in Charles Town, WV

Charles Town Smiles has provided Charles Town, WV with general dentistry for over 30 years. We specialize in a range of treatments designed to improve oral health. More importantly, our practice prioritizes patient health, longstanding relationships, and individualized care. We learn about our patients and their needs and goals. From there, we create personalized treatments that address their conditions. We’re thrilled to welcome you to our family. If you require basic dental care, there is no better place. Our team will dedicate itself to your happiness and oral health.

General Dentistry Services

Our General Dentistry Services

General dentistry refers to a wide range of basic dental services. Every person needs to keep up with these appointments. While outstanding at-home oral health habits – like brushing and flossing – are important, they won’t fully address your oral health.

Additional Treatments We Offer

Oral Exams & Cleanings

Your yearly exam and cleaning are essential because it helps remove plaque and tartar and discover cavities and other issues before they worsen.

Dental Fillings

If we find cavities during your exam, we will fill them. Taking care of cavities is essential because not addressing the situation poses other dangers.

Mouth Guards

We treat sleep apnea and bruxism at our practice. Mouth guards are an inexpensive and effective way of handling both conditions.

Dental Extractions

We hope we never have to remove one of your teeth. But if we do, you can feel comfortable we know how to do so. We offer dental implants after the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Exractions

Wisdom teeth often erupt in the late teens or early twenties. They usually show up in spaces where there is no room for them. We will need to do tooth extraction .

Smile Confidently & Healthily: Schedule an Appointment Today

We aim to keep your family healthy and confident when they smile. Excellent oral health begins early in childhood and continues throughout your lifetime. We are experienced in working with all age groups, making us the area’s most trusted dental providers. We also offer the services you need if we discover any problems during your oral exam and cleaning. Charles Town Smiles’s comprehensive oral health treatments will help you smile brightly and confidently.